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Fibrer Glass Bathtub Refinishing

Is your Fiberglass Tub and surround or full damage, really hard to clean or you just want to give it a fresh look

We have  the solution with our Tub Potion coattigs. We can bring back the beautiful gloss, and luxurious look your looking for.

All of this can be done in one day this solution will avoids messy and princy repacement cost.




​Acrylic Fiber Glass Bathtub Crack repair

Acrylic Fiber Glass Bathtub Crack repair, FiberGlass Tub Cracks Happened for a reason.


This problem happens for improper installatios. this is the main cause for this problems and belive us is very common,


First We will need to add support assuming there is a sub-floor under the unit we drill small holes in the bottom around 4 to 8 to cover the entire bottom area not just the damage area to prevent future problemas in other areas, We follow the problem by a 2 component foam that spreads out under the tub or shower pan base. This foam is rated a low density to help prevent buckling of the bottom from the foams expansiion foam will set in just a couple of minutes, now that you have the support tht you tub or shawer pan base needs We apply fiberglass over tha crak and will prevent any furtherproblems, on top of this repair We apply a nonslip surface to cover any imperfections and this way We can refinish your tub or shawer base and it will be like nothing happened

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